CeeBee, the AI powered chatbot for Centraal Beheer Achmea

During my 9 months working at Centraal Beheer Achmea as a Sr. UX Designer I worked mainly on the Centraal Beheer Mobile app which you can find in the AppStore & Google PlayStore. Next to Design System, Usability testing, Motion-animation, creating new flows and improving the app I also hadd to introduce the new chatbot.

Ceebee the chatbot was the next step in the 'next-gen' customer-care to reduce the waiting-time before customers would get someone on the line. CeeBee is powered by AI where it will continuously learn how to interact with people and understand tone and urgency in someones questions/comments. To make sure CeeBee wouldn't start as an infant it was fed all the most asked questions by Centraal Beheer customers. So when CeeBee became operational, it was already pretty advanced.

To integrate CeeBee as natuarally as possible in the Centraal Beheer eco-system I added CeeBee in steps so that customers get to know and understand CeeBee and see it more than just another chatbot.

At this stage Ceebee can answer all the general (FAQ) questions and/or refer you to a human operator that will take over the chat, from then on at any time the client can choose to continue the conversation via phone-call with the human-operator instead of chat.

Decision tree

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Meta data

Role Sr. UX Designer
Client Centraal Beheer Achmea
Date 08/2018 – 03/2019
URL centraalbeheer.nl/app
CB app - Starting a conversation
CB app - Conversation with human operator
CB app - Different options within chat
CB app - Review your conversation