Chargii, the EV charging station platform where you can share your charging station at home and earn money.

During a brainstorm session for a hackathon about mobility and sustainability my team and I came up with a solution for a problem that a lot of EV drivers in Amsterdam have. Where to park and charge your electric vehicle while you are out for travels, business-meeting and/or just visiting the city.

Right now EV drivers pay little to nothing charging-fee and most places have dedicated EV charging spots but what's missing is the fact parking spots in the city of Amsterdam. You either pay a high fee of parking or you have to park way outside of the city.

In comes Chargii as the social platform for offering your private parking spot and charging station at home to other EV drivers. By simply registering on the platform people can offer their charging stations at home to people that need parking and charging, in return receive a small fee.

Intrigued: Would you like to know what happened next, Did we end up winning the hackathon with this idea or did we win the hackathon with another great idea? Let's have a coffee ☕


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Date 05/2019
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