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L1NDA Connect was one of the projects that I had the most fun. Mainly because I had the freedom to start researching from scratch, set up a design system, establish the Design-culture within the startup, hire (UX) designers before creating the mvp and leaving it in good hands.

L1nda is an established name in the hospitality branch with their Planner tool. To me the question; 'How might we expand our services to connect restaurants and job-seekers with last-minute shifts?'. Before accepting that question I started to do field research and validate whether or not restaurants even were looking for last-minute shifts to be filled in. Turns out that there is a big need for good employees in the hospitality branch.

I pay you double! Could you just please come now, we are understaffed.
Restaurant owner to a shift worker

Going store to store and visiting several univeristies I established a scope for the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Which was University students / Young professionals in Amsterdam working as freelancers (ZZP) in the hospitality branch that are looking for short-term / last-minute shifts. The platform would take entire paperwork out of the companies and job-seekers hands. People post jobs, and create shifts for young professionals to accept and fulfill.

Intrigued: Would you like to know what happened next, which methods/tools I used, How the design system works, how I ended up 3D-printing a mobile usability kit for guerilla testing? Let's have a coffee ☕


Research UX design Stakeholder management Creating Design System Usability testing Design Culture Head of design Hiring interns Mentoring Jr. designers

Meta data

Role Lead Designer
Client L1NDA
Date 03/2018 – 08/2018
L1nda app - creating an account
L1nda app - onboarding step 1
L1nda app - onboarding step 2
L1nda app - applying for a job