The ability to securely find any base and navigating within a base right in the palm of any military personnel’s hand.

As military personnel you travel a lot from base to base. Sometimes to the same bases repeatedly and sometimes to all new bases that you have never been before (or even heard of 🤫). Currently the user would have to look up on the intranet and or google locations, buildings, and military places.

What if there was a secure app on a military phone (which all personnel have) that could give all the relevant information to the user, from address, to openings hours of the cafeteria on each base.

First things first, research! By interviewing different personnel (military and civilian) why they travel, how they travel and what they need when they are going from base to base, I figured out what the user needs in an app (what that was, is need to know…). Using that information to go to the next step which was information architecture helped me to create the first wireframes.

Wireframes were tested and after several iterations the first MVP was ready for development. Testing during a pandemic with actual users was at the time challenging. To test small interactions content, I used Maze (an online usability testing tool) and for the entire flow invited users for a face to face (1.5m distance) usability testing.

Usability testing

  1. 3D printed portable Usability testing kit (made by me) to record users finger movements, audio, and interactions.
  2. Camera tripod to record the users’ expressions and behavior
  3. Laptop and prototype (designed in Sketch) to observe and take notes

Intrigued: Would you like to know what happened next, which methods/tools I used, How I used Maze to vaildate and test during a pandemic? Let's have a coffee ☕


Research UX design Interaction design Usability testing Stakeholder management

Meta data

Role Lead UX Designer
Client Ministry of Defense
Date 08/2020 – 02/2021
Locatie app - Searching for a location
Locatie app - Selected location
Locatie app - Base map
Locatie app - Building details